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What is WAT? A Simple Guide to Water Activated Tape

What is WAT? A Simple Guide to Water Activated Tape
Why should you be using it for your small business? Well curious friends, it's time to dive into the world of Water Activated Tape and learn why it's making such a positive environmental impact on eCommerce in Australia.Break


Water Activated Tape, often referred to as WAT or gummed tape, is a type of packaging tape that is…believe it or not…activated by adding water. Designed to create a strong and tamper-evident seal on boxes and packages, it's made from kraft paper and a natural adhesive. It’s a 100% eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic tapes.


Add water…it’s not super complicated. Ok fine, it requires a little explanation. When water activates the adhesive, it penetrates the fibres of the carton or cardboard and securely fastens your package. Here's how you can add water:

Using a damp cloth:

1. Cut and apply the tape to the cardboard box you would like to seal.
2. Wet a clean cloth and run it along the length of the tape.
3. Press it down neatly to create a seal.
4. The tape will dry quickly and create the desired adhesion.

Using a dispenser:

1. Load the Water Activated Tape roll into the Dispenser.
2. Wet a small section of the tape with the built-in water brush on the dispenser.
3. Apply the wet tape to the box and press it down.
4. The tape adheres firmly as it dries, creating a secure bond.

The water activation process ensures a tight seal, preventing the tape from peeling off during transit. Plus, it's tamper-evident and incredibly hard to remove, making it an excellent choice for securing those shiny and valuable items during shipping.
If you’re still a little confused, check out our video below:




So, what makes Water Activated Tape stand out in the world of packaging? Let's take a look at its many benefits:

  • Tough as hell: Water Activated Tape is incredibly tough, making it ideal for heavy or irregularly shaped packages. It can withstand rough handling with dodgy couriers and even extreme temperatures (perfect for the unpredictable, climate changed Australia).
  • Thief proof: Once applied, Water Activated Tape can't be removed without leaving a serious visible mark and a sore hand. This will deter tampering and provides an extra layer of security for your precious shipments.
  • Environmentally friendly: Unlike plastic tapes that can be harmful to the environment, Water Activated Tape is biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Easy to use: If you can turn on a cold-water tap, you can use this product. The dispenser and tape are easy to handle, and once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • The best part: You don’t have to remove it when recycling carboard. It will go through the same recycling process as the box, saving you from ripping off all that wasteful plastic tape.Break


    We call our WAT the “Gummy Shark”. Why you ask?
    Well, it’s because it is made with a gummed adhesive, it only works when wet and once it latches on, it won't let go! Clever…we know!

    The Gummy Shark is 70mm wide x 184m long, sold per roll or in a bundle with our WAT Dispenser and is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Check it out.


    Although you don’t necessarily need one, we recommend pairing your Water Activated Tape with a dispenser. They’re specially designed to be paired with our tape and if you’re looking for efficiencies, it’s a must. Made with a steel frame for durability and long life, the water activated tape dispenser can dispense tapes up to 100mm wide with a built-in water reservoir and fine serrated blade for ease of use.Break



    So, next time you're packing up a box for shipping, consider making the switch to Water Activated Tape. Not only will your packages be better protected, but you'll also be doing your part to reduce plastic waste and promote a more sustainable shipping experience. Plus, the ease of using it is just the icing on the cake - or should we say, the tape on the box? For more information, contact our friendly team at


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