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Ditch the Soft Plastic, Embrace the Paper! Discover Paper-based Packaging

Ditch the Soft Plastic, Embrace the Paper! Discover Paper-based Packaging
Today marks Global Recycling Day! Let's give a big shout-out to the ultimate recycling champ paper! Ready to ditch the plastic packaging scene? No worries, we've got your back. Our sustainable, environmentally friendly paper-based packaging solutions are sure to help you wrap, fill, ship and seal without the burden and guilt of plastic waste. 



Forget boring plastic bubble wrap, Geami Honeycomb Paper is a premium, eco-friendly solution for packaging your fragile items. It’s 100% recyclable, biodegradable, reusable, FSC certified and future proof. It utilises a unique die cut paper to create a visually impressive 3D honeycomb structure, offering unbeatable protection from bumps and scratches - plus it looks super cool! There’s a Geami product for businesses of all sizes, with two different options available now for low and high-volume applications:


Exbox Mini  

A dynamic duo, Geami Honeycomb Paper and white tissue paper join forces in the Exbox Mini to make wrapping a breeze. Recyclable and stylish, this eco-friendly dispenser box is your gateway into effortless eCommerce packaging on a smaller scale. It takes up little space on your packing bench and is super easy to use. Check out our unboxing video here for some tips and wrapping techniques.

Geami Honeycomb Roll

For higher volumes, streamline your packing process and use the Geami Honeycomb Paper Roll. When you pair it with our powder-coated dispenser, you can simply “pull, wrap, rip and pack” without the need for tape or cutting! The Geami Honeycomb Paper Roll was the world's original honeycomb packaging product and it’s never been beaten for protection or quality. Combine it with our Tissue Paper Range for a layered unboxing experience.  



Tired of wasting space with bulky plastic air pillows or creating a mess with harmful packing peanuts? We get it! We have some paper-based alternatives for you. These clever void fill creations will help secure items in place and minimise the risk of movement damage during transit from overzealous couriers. Investing in quality void fill is a sure-fire way to help ensure that all your packages arrive looking pristine. We have a solution for any type or scope of business, check them out below:

Fillpak Go

Looking for the star of your small eCommerce venture? Enter the FillPak Go - a void fill virtuoso that transforms fanfold kraft paper into the ultimate cushiony chasm-filler! Say adios to bulky dispensers, hello to freed-up fabbench space! Crafted from FSC materials, this petite powerhouse is not just environmentally conscious, it's an interior designer's dream. Ready to optimise your cosy workspace? Look no further!

Paperbark Brown Kraft Paper Roll

Get a more robust, juggernaut of a solution for your packaging needs with our Paperbark Brown Kraft Paper Roll. Wrap your precious parcels in earthy, stylish goodness for that natural looking charm. Or scrunch it (yes, we encourage it) to fill up any awkward gaps. The Paperbark comes in a lengthy 340m roll of 60GSM paper and can be partnered with a powder-coated dispenser for ease of use. Simply rip the paper from the roll, scrunch it up and push it into any loose spaces in your packaging. It’s 100% recyclable, biodegradable, reusable and compostable. You can reuse it, dispose of it in your curb side recycling or throw in the compost.



Oh, those sneaky single-use plastic mailing bags! They pretend to make our lives easier, but little do we know, they're plotting against our planet! Filled with petroleum and releasing harmful toxins, their climate change contributions are no laughing matter. It’s time to trade in the plastic for sustainable paper mailers — it’s the best eco-friendly way to keep your packages dry (yes, they are water resistant), protected and secure during shipping. Check them out below:

Queen B Honeycomb Mailer

Say goodbye to single-use plastic mailers and and give a royal welcome to the Queen B Honeycomb Mailer! With eco-friendly and FSC-Certified kraft paper, The Queen B ensures superior protection without compromising on sustainability. We guarantee your packages will arrive safe and sound with a double reinforced honeycomb lining for unbeatable durability- no additional packaging needed! Plus, you can recycle these mailers directly in your curb side bin after use. The Queen B ensures the royal treatment for your packages, without leaving a royal mess on our planet. They use the same amazing honeycomb protection as our Geami products and are conveniently available in three sizes for packages big and small.



Have you ever found yourself struggling to contain your anger while trying to remove plastic tape from your boxes before recycling? We understand, we’ve been there. It’s half the reason we invested in paper-based tapes. Luckily for you, we have some fantastic options that can be thrown in the recycling with your cardboard waste! Check them out below:

Gumtree Paper Tape

This isn’t your average paper tape - this stuff is genuinely hard to remove. For a diverse range of packing applications, Gumtree Paper Tape is an ideal solution due to its recyclability and superior adhesive strength. Its natural adhesives provide an extra layer of strength for long-term attachment and a more secure seal than traditional plastic tape. With a whopping 48mm x 50m of box-hugging coverage, this tape's got you covered. Prepare to up your eco-friendliness and stick it to any packing situation with confidence.

Gummy Shark Water Activated Tape

Gummy Shark Water Activated Tape, sometimes called “gummed tape” (hence the clever name) is ideal for securing cardboard packaging that requires a higher level of security. The unique starch-based adhesives form a permanent bond when activated with water, creating a tamper proof seal. Activate it with a damp cloth or partner it with our WAT Dispenser for bigger volumes. Da, duh, da, duh, da, duh…. It comes in a jawsome 184m roll and will provide a coverage of up to 70mm wide, perfect for those high security applications and a busy packing station.


If it's not recyclable, it's high time to embrace change, and Packleo's got your back! We offer a fabulous range of paper-based, Earth-loving alternatives to suit all your packaging needs. So, let's embark on this green adventure together! Reach out to our friendly team at


Happy Global Recycling Day!

We've Moved!

After an exciting and challenging two years, the team at Packleo have gone as far as we can in our own cardboard box and it's now time for an exciting change as we announce that Packleo is joining forces with Australia's most respected packaging provider - Signet.

But don't fret, it's not the end for us… in fact, quite the opposite! We're taking our passion, creativity, small business mindset and responsibly recycling it to make something even bigger/better/bolder.

Aligning with Signet and their 55 years of expertise as a much loved and trusted Australian, family-owned packaging company will allow us to provide you with a wider selection of packaging options, and more buying power and scale to give you even better options for your business. Signet supports over 60,000 small Aussie businesses just like you and has been doing so, since 1968.

While we take a little hiatus to move into our new home at Signet, our site will be unavailable during the transition but you can still order some of the same (and more) products you know and love via the Signet website at or simply call the Signet Customer Service team (13 74 46) and a friendly staff member will be happy to help you place your order over the phone or via email.

The Packleo and Signet teams are ready to assist you in any way possible.

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