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The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Design

The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Design

In today’s online world, packaging design can easily be overlooked as no longer important, but the ‘shelf appeal’ is still very much real! We unpack what it takes to create the ultimate packaging design that will keep customers coming back.  


You would have heard these eco terms used a lot to describe eco-friendly packaging. But what do they mean…and why do they have such a good wrap? We’ll break it down for you. 

That’s why we’ve built the ultimate guide to creating a packaging design that will keep your customers coming back for more.  


Why is well-designed packaging important?   

It's estimated that there are up to 24 million eCommerce stores around the world! How wild is that?! And more and more are being created every day. So, to make sure you swim and not sink into the eCommerce ocean, it’s important to find a way to make your brand stand out from all the other fish in the sea.  

Having well-designed and thought-out packaging can do exactly that! And 81% of consumers agree, saying they’ve tried something new just because the packaging caught their eye. Especially with eCommerce making shopping less ‘tangible’, creating a positive and memorable experience through your packaging can not only help get customers through the door, but increase brand recognition and loyalty.   


What makes packaging successful?   

Well, there’s really no one right answer when it comes to the above question. However, there are a few basics to keep in mind that will get you well on your way to creating a packaging design that is not only impactful, but effective.  

The first cab of the rank is shelf impact. Despite popular belief, this doesn’t only apply to products on a literal shelf. The eCommerce space is only becoming more congested, and you need to be able to catch a consumer’s attention and leave an impression within the 5 secs they’re looking at the Google Shopping slider or scrolling through Insta. Using different eye-catching typographies and colours is a great way to do this.  

However, giving consumers something to remember is nothing without brand alignment. Once you’ve made an impression you want to ensure your customer can make that connection to your brand and that they are getting the right perception of your brand. If you’re an all-natural company that usually uses an earthy colour palette, it would be out of character to make your packaging a vibrant colour with a glossy finish.  

Lastly, is designing for longevity. It can be pricey to create a packaging design, artwork costs, setup costs, etc. So, it’s definitely helpful that your final design can stand the test of time.  


The design process  

Before driving headfirst into your ultimate packaging design, there are a few questions to first have a think about.

1. What type of product are you selling?  
It’s a pretty easy first question but definitely one of the most important, because at its core that’s what your packaging is for, to keep your products looking top notch for your customers. Your product’s size, shape and fragility are all factors that are going to affect the packaging you choose.
2. Who are your customers?  
Of course, we can’t forget who this is all ultimately for! Your customers play a bigger part than you think in your design process and understanding who they are and what they value can help decide what your packaging will look like. For instance, if your customers like to live sustainably, giving them packaging that doesn’t look or isn’t sustainable won’t resonate with them. 
3. What are your competitors doing?  
Having a look into what your competitors are doing is not as sneaky as it sounds, I promise! It’s a great way to not only see how you measure up but get a feel for any common trends in the space and where you can be different. Is everyone else using cool colours? Why not pick a warmer colour palette! Or are the others just using generic thank you notes? Add a personal touch.   

Types of packaging materials  

There a many different materials you can use in your packaging design, but here are just a few ways Packleo’s product can help you craft the ultimate unboxing experience. 

Packleo Products Infographic
Ready to get started on designing your product packaging? Need a little extra help on the design side of things? Packleo have worked with and highly recommends both ­creatsy and dribbble.  
Packleo thinks that being kind to the environment doesn’t mean your packaging has to be boring, which is why we’re determined to bring packaging joy to small businesses.  

Packleo Packaging Joy. 


      We've Moved!

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